Birfday Otter Update 27SEP2020

HI! hugs Sorry, folks, this is the long one.
There are three (3) birfdays listed for this week on the Unofficial Birthday List:

  • Harbin will be fifty-three on Tuesday, (September 29th.)
  • Wolf RedStorm will be forty-two, also on Tuesday. And
  • Kensuke_Kitty will be thirty-eight on Saturday, (October 3rd.)

Many Happy Returns of your day!

And heads-up for Tzoq’s birfday next Monday, (October 5th.)

Today, on the Local Events Desk (still Sunday, September 27th), is the last day of Furry Take Over Online.

However, the Oshawa Virtual Furmeet will happen this Friday (October 2nd), from 9:00 PM on, as usual.
– Info through Telegram,
– or through Twitter:

On the Holidays and Occasions Desk, today (Sunday, September 27th), Yom Kippur will begin after sunset, the Jewish day of atonement. And today is also Dogbomb’s Birfday; he would have been fifty-seven.

Tomorrow (Monday, September 28th) will be World Rabies Day and International Safe Abortion Day, both of which are what they say on the label. And tomorrow will be Ask A Stupid Question Day; teachers are supposed to encourage questions today that students think are too stupid to bother with.

On Tuesday (September 29th), nothing, in particular, will happen.

Wednesday, (September 30th), will be Orange Shirt Day; wear an orange shirt to show solidarity with the thousands of indigenous (and Métis) Canadians who were victims of residential schools. Wednesday will also be International Blasphemy Rights Day, a day in defence of freedom of expression and religious criticism in particular. Wednesday will be the Feast of St. Jerome; he helped an injured lion, and afterwards, it is said that the lion never left his side. And Wednesday will be the start of H-Con in Erbach, Germany; it ends on October 4th.

Thursday, (October 1st) will be busy.
– Thursday will be International Day of the Older Person.
– Thursday will be National Seniors Day in Canada.
– Thursday will be International Raccoon Appreciation Day.
– Thursday will be International Coffee Day.
– Thursday will be World Sake Day. (Dassai is one of the best, and you can get it at the LCBO, for an incredible price!)
– And canidae, please note that the moon will be at its fullest at 5:05 PM on Thursday. This will be the Harvest Moon this year. It’s also known as the Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon, and Sanguine Moon.

Friday, (October 2nd) will be busy, too.
– Friday will see Sukkot begin after sunset. The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, they eat outdoors to celebrate the days when they wandered in the desert. Sukkot is a holiday until sunset on the 4th but still observed from the 5th to the 9th.
– Friday will be Mehregan, the Zoroastrian Festival of Autumn.
– Friday will be World Farm Animals Day.
– Friday will be Gandhi Jayanti, Indira “The Mahatma” Gandhi’s birfday.
– And by no coincidence, Friday will be International Day of Non-Violence.

Saturday, (October 3rd) will be Nuit Blanche, the yearly celebration of art. (It will be online this year.) Saturday will also be World Dragon Day. And I just learned that October 3rd is Mean Girls Day and Fullmetal Alchemist Day, a day of celebration for the 2003 movie “Mean Girls” and the anime series, respectively. (I cite Dudeist “holy days,” so I guess I have to mention this, too.)

And heads-up for next Sunday (October 4th), which will be Arrow Day, and Wester, as well as the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, Blessing of the Animals, and World Animal Day. (BTW, World Smile Day, (also October 4th) has been cancelled for 2020 because nobody will see it through your mask.)

October begins this week. Holidays, Occasions and Local Events for October include:
– October 1st – International Day of the Older Person, National Seniors Day (Canada), International Raccoon Appreciation Day, International Coffee Day, World Sake Day, Full Moon (17:05, Harvest Moon, Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon, Sanguine Moon)
– October 2nd (sunset) – Sukkot (Jewish, obligatory to 4th, after work 5th to 9th)
– October 2nd – Mehregan (Zoroastrian), World Farm Animals Day, International Day of Non-Violence / Gandhi Jayanti
– October 3rd – Nuit Blanche (online this year), World Dragon Day, Mean Girls Day/Fullmetal Alchemist Day
– October 4th – Arrow Day, Wester, Blessing of the Animals (Xtn), Feast of St Francis of Assisi (THE Furry Saint), World Animal Day
– October 6th – World Habitat Day
– October 7th – Rohini Vrat (Jainist, monthly)
– October 8th – International Lesbian Day, World Sight Day, World Chicken Day, Leif Eriksson Day
– October 9th (sunset) – Shmini Atzeret (Jewish)
– October 9th – Hoshana Rabbah (Jewish, end of Sukkot), World Egg Day
– October 10th (sunset) – Simchat Torah
– October 10th – World Mental Health Day, World Porridge Day
– October 11th – International Day of the Girl Child, Pope St. John (Furry Saint)
– October 12th – Thanksgiving (Canada), Freethought Day
– October 13th – International Suit Up Day, No Bra Day, International Migratory Bird Day
– October 14th – World Standards Day
– October 15th – Global Handwashing Day, World Students’ Day
– October 16th – Boss’s Day, World Food Day, Global Cat Day, St. Gall & St. Gerard Majella (Furry Saints)
– October 17th – Weed Day, Navaratri (Hindu, to 24th), Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti (Hindu)
– October 18th – Birth of the Báb (Baha’i), Persons Day (Canada), Spirit Day, World Okapi Day
– October 19th – Birth of Bahá’u’ lláh (Baha’i)
– October 20th – Birth of the Guru Granth (Sikh)
– October 21st – International Fisting Day, International Day of the Nacho, St. Hilarion (Furry Saint)
– October 22nd – Wombat Day
– October 23rd – Ashwina Navapada Oli (Jainist, to 31st), Mole Day, St George’s Day, International Snow Leopard Day
– October 24th (sunset) – Yom HaAliyah (Jewish)
– October 24th – Maha Navami & Durga Ashtami (Hindu), Maladay (Discordian), United Nations Day, World Tripe Day, Programmer’s Day
– October 24th to 31st – Bat Week
– October 25th – Dusshera (Hindu), World Pasta Day, St. Daria (Furry Saint)
October 26th – Madhvacharya Jayanti (Hindu), Abanegan (Zoroastrian)
October 27th – Ontario Dress Purple Day
– October 28th – Milvan Bridge Day (Xtn), International Animation Day
– October 29th – Mawlid un-Nabi (Islam), International Internet Day, National Cat Day (USA)
– October 30th – Sharad Purnima (Hindu), Milad un Nabi (Islam), Rocky Horror Picture Show Day Day

– October 31st – Hallowe’en, Samhain (Pagan), All Hallows Eve (Xtn), Reformation Day (Protestant), Valmiki Jayanti & Meerabai Jayanti (Hindu), Full Moon (09:49, Blue Moon)

October will be Women’s History Month, a commemoration of the history of women in Canada. October will also be Furry Book Month; buy a book by a Furry author from one of several *Furry publishers. October will be Autism Awareness Month in Canada. Internationally, it will be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, and SIDS Awareness Month. Watch for canvassers.

The following Furry conventions have been cancelled; Aquatifur, Bewhiskered, Confuror, Western PA Furry Weekend, FinFur Animus, Fur Reality, Red Deer Mini-Con, Golden Leaves Con, Biggest Little Fur Con, Furry Blacklight, Alamo City Furry Invasion, Anthro SouthEast, Infurnity, and NeonFur. There are no IRL Furry conventions this month.

However, there are at least two online conventions this month; RamCon 2.0 on October 23rd and 24th, and Furpocolypse from October 30th to November 1st.

This is the last update of the month, so the full Unofficial Birthday List is REDACTED. If you want to be on the Unofficial Birthday List, or if you’d prefer to be removed, or to have your entry changed, email me at, and I’ll fix it for you promptly. (Please copy and paste your listing as it appears in the UBL so that I know which “Jim Smith” to change to “Honking Camel.”) Please note that the UBL is NOT linked to the TorFur list; if you change or delete your TorFur entry, you must notify me separately. Also, it’s my policy never to add people to the UBL unless they ask to be added, changed or removed themselves. Please don’t ask for somebody else. However, you can have a Character of Significance on the list, provided that you own it. (Ask me about it.)

Nips & cuddles,
— Dee

* Examples of Furry Publishers (assorted)

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